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The E-Book/EPub version of Hobo Pete and the Ghost Train 

*This is a digital copy of this book - not a physical copy.


Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, there’s a sleepy little town by the name of Carbon Hollow. Unless you are from the area, you probably never heard of it. After all, nothing of consequence ever happens in Carbon Hollow.


Although, there was this one year the town folks will never forget. It was in the spring of 1963 when Andy, Matt, and Ben, three young boys from Carbon Hollow, began hearing trains pass in the night. No one else heard the trains, just them. Or so they thought. The boys soon came to some disturbing realities. They were the only ones in town that heard the trains and no actual tracks ran through Carbon Hollow. This discovery later takes on an even more nefarious nature when the boys further learn that every time they hear the train, someone would die.


Enters Hobo Pete, an old man that was rumored by town folk to live in a cave outside of Carbon Hollow. He had his secrets. One was the haunting nightmares of that same Ghost Train that the boys were hearing. Every night, the train with its evil conductor would come to Pete in his dreams.


The conductor was determined to have Pete as a passenger, but the old man knew what boarding the train meant, after all, only dead people rode that train. Climb aboard and learn the secrets of Hobo Pete, how he silenced the Ghost Train, and what became of the boys from Carbon Hollow. All Aboooooaaaaaard! 

Hobo Pete and the Ghost Train E-Book

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