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Hip Hops looking forward to surprising them this year with his hand-picked box of delicious Easter treats. Nestled inside Hip Hop's fun Easter box is a tasty variety of sweet and traditional treats.


Includes: Easter Marshmallow peeps, Cadbury malted eggs, Grandmas cream filled cookies, Milk chocolate Kit Kat Bar, Tropical flavored Skittles, Lifesavers gummy candies, Wonka's Sweet Tarts, Cracker Jacks, A solid milk chocolate foil wrapped bunny, Pretzel filled M&M candies, Wonka Fun Dips candies, 2 Airhead Extreme candies, Hershey's milk chocolate bunny, Hip Hops Fruity gummy candies, and a keepsake Happy Easter gift box filled with foil wrapped milk chocolate Easter eggs.


This gift weighs 5 pounds completed and measures 11" wide by 9" long and 14" tall.

Hip Hops Easter Treats Gift Box 915352

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