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Tell Dad how ""fortune""-ate you are to have him in your life.... 
Our Giant Father's Day Gourmet Fortune Cookie is hand-dipped in fine Belgian Chocolates then, our Confectionery Artisans generously sprinkle this treat with yummy blue & white decorettes- and decorate the cookie with hand-crafted Royal Icing Decorations for Father's Day-, Beer Mugs, Daddy Faces, and a candy plaque that says: ""Dad"". 
It's a Gift and Greeting All In One- inside he'll find your personalized message on the foot-long fortune! 
(250 Character limit on the message please.)
Celebrate Dad this year in a truly inspired way. Tell him how ""fortune""-ate you are to have her in your life...he'll consider you one sweet AND smart cookie for doing so!

Giant Father's Day Fortune Cookie LF-TFCH6