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The Fancy Foods gift basket delivers gifts of good taste! Appropriate for any reason- or for no reason at all- Fancy Foods offers delights ranging from pralines and truffles to cheese sticks and Boccaccio Bites and comes with a wooden cutting board. Give the Fancy Foods gift basket today!

Fancy Foods Gourmet Gift Basket 810012

  • Cranberry Truffles Rosemary Herb Baguette Bread Sticks Parmesan Focaccia Crisps Herb Salami (Butcher wrapped paper) Pistachios in a Gift Sachet Pimento Stuffed Olives Sonoma Cheese swirls Wooden Cutting Board Bruschetta Bites Vintage aged cheese spread in a tin Salmon Pate Spread Jazzy Butter Toffee Pretzels Grained gourmet spicy brown mustard Gourmet honey wheat pretzel rods Burgundy Wicker Tray
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