Erotica Short Stories with Explicit Sex to Read in Bed: Sexy Short Stories for Women and Men | Vol 1 - Cheeky Girls (My Lip-biting Short Stories Series)

65 pages'Erotica Short Stories with Explicit Sex to Read in Bed' is a tested series of erotica books for women, men and couples looking for lip-biting easy-to-read erotica with explicit sex! Think about it. Don't we all need nice, steamy and sexy short stories that can be read in bed, right before sleeping to finish our day with a little bit of privacy and fun? Or even first thing in the morning to spice up your day, not to mention those long and boring commuting journeys where a little bit of sexy can... Well, you know.Part 1: Cheeky Girls'Cheeky Girls…' is the First volume of my Lip-Biting Short Stories Series and proposes three short sex & erotica stories for adults that will make you bite your lips. Perhaps even more... The first story - Cheeky Melina - will get you into the universe of two girlfriends who, more than sharing a flat, happen to share a lip-biting dose of friendship, complicity and cheekiness when a boyfriend passes by. The second story - Today was a bad day - will rather get you into the life of an anonymous girl who, one night, decides to let go and allows her lover to take control. The third story - Girls Night In - will get you into one of those girls' evenings where gossips and no taboo speaking can lead to surprising development. The only boy there might remember that evening for a long while...Erotica short stories with explicit sexThis book is not about romance. The short stories build on love and friendship but go straight to the point and contain very explicit sex scenes. They are written to be read easily and rapidly, in five to ten minutes, again and again. If you are looking for a little bit of selfish sexy fun every once in a while, my book was made for you! Oh, but of course reading them out-loud is also an option if you are not alone ... Your choice! Cheekily yours... Alex.This book contains adult erotica and explicit sexual situations not suitable for readers under 18


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Erotica Short Stories with Explicit Sex to Read in Bed

  • Series: Sunstone Paperback: 264 pages Publisher: Image Comics (January 24, 2017) Language: English ISBN-10: 1632157241 ISBN-13: 978-1632157249 Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 0.6 x 10.1 inches


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