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Say Happy Easter with style and taste with this tasty Easter Treats gift basket. Filled with delicious treats they are sure to adore you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Perfect for a loved one far away to old for toys but still young enough to enjoy treats!


The Easter Sweets N Treats Gift Basket includes: A pastel spring woodchip basket, Peanut M&M candies, Tropical Skittles, Grandma's cream-filled cookies, Malted eggs, Rice Krispies Treat, Wonka's Sweet Tarts candies, Easter marshmallow Peeps, mini Reese's Easter egg, 6 foil wrapped milk chocolate Easter eggs, mini carrot with jelly beans, A 8" jelly and marshmallow Easter scene sucker and a Milk chocolate foil wrapped bunny. Finished with a handmade bow and delivered with your Happy Easter Wishes!


This gift weighs 4 pounds complete and measures 13" tall by 6" wide.

Easter Sweets N Treats Gift Basket 915392

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