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In the absence of a scientific formula for greater peace, happiness, and success on the job and off, there's no better substitute than the combined knowledge of experts representing a variety of fields. While there are surely differing opinions on the best ways to inspire a team, take a piecemeal approach to overcome adversity, interview for a job or close a sale, some solutions have endured longer and have brought greater returns than others.


Earl's Pearls is a collection of educational and inspirational how-to articles from BIC Alliance CEO and Founder Earl Heard, President, and COO Thomas Brinsko, and a select group of BIC Magazine guest columnists. It features some of the most valuable information related to business and personal motivation, leadership, professional development, and sales and marketing ever committed to print.


Additional sections include age-old proverbs, selected Bible verses, and Heard's "Tips for Greater Peace, Happiness and Success." The "jewels" contained in this volume can help people of all ages, at any stage of their careers or lives, shine in the eyes of clients, colleagues and competitors, mentors and protégés, and even family members and friends.


-How to apply "The People Secret" on the job and off

-How to create your own renewable energy source

-Tips on how to dress for success and "seal the deal with a meal"

-Why happiness in the workplace leads to greater productivity

-How to understand the relationship between sales and marketing and give great presentations


$18.99 incl. S/H Tracking.

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Earl's Pearls: Jewels of Wisdom Worth Passing On