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Welcome to infolincs, we are a service that was created to help the incarcerated stay in touch with the "free-world".


We know that it is hard at times to devote a lot of time to your friends and loved ones who are incarcerated. Everybody has a busy life and it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day to do everything that we need to do, so a lot of times we have to put our friends or loved ones needs on hold, but that's why we created this site to help with those needs.


Our service offers daily sport-lines, news, stock quotes, gift purchase, mailing free daily quotes for inmates, photo forwarding. We are constantly adding new services, please check back often to see what we have added.

Products & Pricing

Photo Credits

20 Credits $10.00 USD

50 Credits $25.00 USD
100 Credits $50.00 USD


Sports Service

20 Credits $10.00 USD
50 Credits $25.00 USD
100 Credits $50.00 USD


Unlimited Texting Service

1 month $25.00 USD
3 months $70.00 USD


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