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Christianity Today

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Christianity Today is a magazine. But, it's much more than that.


Christianity Today is a leading, nonprofit media ministry for the evangelical church with 6 print publications, several digital-only publications, and practical web and mobile resources that together reach over 2.5 million people every month.


Christianity Today publishes a multitude of resources, in various formats, that Christian leaders everywhere trust. But, it's much more than that.


Christianity Today changes the people who change the world.

Men and women—in the U.S. and abroad—who are serious about their faith. Leaders and influencers—young and old—who are serious about wanting their lives to be used by God as a counterculture for the common good.


Today Christianity Today is more than a magazine.

And, in the future, we will be too as we advocate for the church, shape the evangelical conversation, bring important issues to the forefront, and provide practical solutions for church leaders.



1 Year Subscription - $24.99

2 Year Subscription - $44.99

3 Year Subscription - $59.99




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Christianity Today
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Carol Stream, IL 60188




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